The last hour of my life was spent getting a lecture on financial responsibility because my mother discovered my credit cards. 

Happy Easter

i hate being an adult jesus died for my sins but could he have died for my student loans








wait what i don’t get it

Lol it’s funny because fat people are always hungry which is why they’re fat lololol

I actually hate her

are you fucking kidding me

beginning to dislike her more and more

she is kind of rounded out herself so where does she even get the right??

but wow what a bitch

And here we have another case of Tumblr being brain dead retarded.

This fine man who had a fat joke made at his expense is Zach Galifianakis. Zach is an actor known for his comedic roles in movies such as the “Hangover” and is also known for his stand-up.

Zach has a comedy show called “Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis” a show where he interviews well known celebrities and “Maintains an awkward and often antagonistic demeanor with his guests, asking them bizarre and inappropriate questions mixed with off-handed non sequiturs on a set that intentionally resembles a low-budget amateur production fit for public-access television.”

So you see Tumblr, Jennifer Lawrence wasn’t actually being a bitch. She was ACTING like a bitch for the sake of comedy which Mr. Galifianakis himself was fully aware of because he wrote the script, thus making fun of himself.

Tumblr gettin’ schooled always has a place on my blog. 

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Captain Hook in season 3a + sass

once upon a time’s men in season 3.

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It’s not Easter until I have consumed a meal consisting of nothing but chocolate.


Fan: “And I do have a question for you, But first of all i’d like to tell Josh a very personal “Thank you” for moving my very beautiful, almost 12 year old grand-daughter on from Justin Bieber. Thank you so much!!”

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Anonymous asked:
omg please tell us all about your experience meeting Colin


So I have been on spring break in Maui since Sunday and tonight is my last night, so we decided to go to a luau at our hotel.
Anyways, it was a buffet, so I was up waiting in line and I look over across the lawn and I was like “Wow he is hot” then I look over again and was like “HOLY SHIT COLIN” and I couldn’t stop staring and he was like 20 people behind me in line as he was pushing the baby stroller. No one in my fam believed me, so I was like “There is Helen, look her up! Same people” and they did. Then we went to sit down and I was looking for Colin again and he is literally 2 tables away from me! So after I made sure he wasn’t eating, I got up and dragged my friend over there with me and I was like “Uhh Colin?” And he looked over at me and then smiled bc I was literally shaking! And I was almost tearing up so I choked out “I am a HUGE HUGE HUGE Hook and CS fan, can I please have a picture?” And he was like “Of course” and he was holding the baby so he looked at Helen and was like “Can you take him please” and then we went over to my table area and my friend’s father took the photo. And I kept saying how I was a massive CS fan, and he kept saying “Great! I’m so happy!” And then I said thank you and he like squeezed my arm and went back to his table.
And everyone was looking at him realizing he had to be someone famous and I was hopping up and down like a dork.

And that is how I met my favorite actor ever!





Captain Charming (Davey Jones) + Flynn/Maximus 

my cup runneth over from that bottom pic